TCFFL Pre-Season Preview: 2nd Annual JG’s Big Board

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We are at that point in the year where we are sailing out of the fantasy doldrums and excitement for the draft and the season is building.  It was about this time a year ago that I gave you my predictions for first round draft picks (I did a 2.0 version here).  I want to do that again, but first let’s see how I did a year ago.

Prediction 1   Prediction 2   Actual
1.    BPB Ray Rice Arian Foster Arian Foster
2.    CBT Arian Foster Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers
3.    JPTS LeSean McCoy Ray Rice Tom Brady
4.    SHOW Calvin Johnson LeSean McCoy Ray Rice
5.    BIA Chris Johnson Tom Brady Drew Brees
6.    WAB Maurice Jones-Drew Chris Johnson LeSean McCoy
7.    PIB Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Chris Johnson
8.    TWCQAFC Larry Fitzgerald Maurice Jones-Drew Darren McFadden
9.    DA Darren McFadden Darren McFadden Maurice Jones-Drew
10. PI Ryan Matthews Larry Fitzgerald Calvin Johnson
11. RW Matt Forte Matt Forte Matt Forte
12. II Tom  Brady Matt Stafford Larry Fitzgerald

Twenty five percent (3/12) was a decent bar to set, but, alas, I always strive to do better.  Without further ado, my first round draft predictions:

1. SHOWTIME: Adrian Peterson.  The obvious choice for GM Loynes is the unanimous #1 for all of the experts.  We should never discount the chance that SHOWTIME could throw a curveball and completely ruin all draft prep, but, even for GM Loynes, that does not seem necessary.

2. Pitness Initiative (Autodraft): Arian Foster.  This pick is subject to change.  I highly doubt Jason will actually be at the draft, so his pick will depend mostly on who Yahoo has ranked as #2.  As of today, that is Arian Foster.

3. Boobies in America: Ray Rice. Dennis is complaining about how this is a tough place to pick, and I tend to agree.  Not that there is talent here because there is – the issue is the next rated players here could all be busts relative to the draft spot.  I picked the safe pick in Ray Rice thinking the Champ will defend his title without taking huge risks.

4. Cincinnati Bow-Ties: Jamaal Charles.  CBT GM Will Kerridge has worked out a ton of players early.  I think Will likes Charle’s upside in an Andy Reid offense.

5. Jackie Paper Thin Skins: LeSean McCoy.  JPTS GM Rob Lay loves Shady McCoy.  I think he has it narrowed down to McCoy, Martin, and Spiller with McCoy dawning the JPTS jersey yet again.

6. Ronald Weasels: Doug Martin. The real question here is if Tome will actually do any draft prep.  We all know he has the time to with his nerf job, but I doubt he does.  He’ll take the highest available according to Yahoo ranks, so that leaves him with Martin.

7. Weekend at Bernie’s:  Marshawn Lynch. I think WaB GM Josh Thorington really values a running back here.  He’s got a draft strategy for the first time in the history of his tenure in the league, but he’s holding his cards close to the vest.  I think he goes Lynch.

8. Tommy Wiseau’s Close Quarter American Football Club: Trent Richardson. Jeff loves running backs, and I really think he loves T-Rich.  Adrian Peterson aside, I’d bet anything that Jeff takes T-Rich here.

9. Dumblethor’s Army: Calvin Johnson.  A ton of running backs will be off the board, so it will be between the two CJ’s here (the other being CJ Spiller).  I’m guessing Dylan will not have done a ton of draft prep given the amount of work he’s be doing all summer, so I think he plays it safe with a guy he knows in Megatron.

10. Italian Ice: CJ Spiller. GM Pinto will reunite with CJ Spiller who looks set to be the guy in Buffalo from the beginning.  If Dumblethor’s Army take Spiller, I think Nicky P will take Megatron.

11. Pacific Island Boys: Matt Forte.  Woof – talk about being left the scraps.

12. Blue Pulaski’s Boys: Drew Brees.  I think Mike takes Brees as the first QB off the board with the last pick of the 1st round.  As a bonus prediction, I think Mike takes Reggie Bush with the first pick of the 2nd round. #stereotypes

So there you have it – my first set of draft predictions.  We are officially 19 days from the draft!

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