The Fall of a Legend

Posted on October 24, 2013 by


There once was a man so bored at work,
He’d create movie posters, and watch Miley twerk.

He once ruled this league with rigor and zest,
The Ass Commish – a man who stood above the rest.

He would host the pod, and send rankings and links
Everyone loved him despite jinx after jinx.

And when it came to luck, there was no one worse
Each week he’d play both his opponent and The Curse.

But despite all odds, he won The Dusty,
The league rejoiced, while Rob was crusty.

But gone are the days he was at the forefront of our mind,
He is nowhere to be found, succumbed to the grind.

He’s on milk cartons and Amber Alerts,
Without him our league is dirt.

So if you find our skinny DB,
Please direct him back to our league.

If he is too famished to end our hell,
Please send him in a package care of the TCFFL.


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