2014 TCFFL Draft Location Announced

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Traverse City-Flint Football League (TCFFL) Commissioner JG Thorington announced that Benton Harbor, MI will be the host of the 2014 TCFFL Draft.

“It was a natural choice given it’s equidistance from Chicago, Indianapolis and the Detroit Metro area, as well as the fact that it will be a shorter drive for the Traverse City GMs.  It should encourage all GMs to attend in person”, said Thorington at an intimate business lunch.

The draft will take place in the abandoned Liberty Theater (please click for current street view) in beautiful downtown Benton Harbor on August 30.  The Liberty Theater opened in 1922, but has been abandoned since 1975.

Liberty Theater ca. 1956

Many will remember former TCFFL GM and current league fan-boy Tim Kipp resided in Benton Harbor.  When asked to describe the night life, an important aspect of the draft, Kipp said, “cheap and dark”.  When asked to expand further, Kipp said, “no comment”.

It should also be noted that in attendance at the lunch were former NBA Commissioner David Stern, and former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.  The former commissioners have been photographed with Thorington a lot as of late.  When asked about their relationship, Stern said, “Thorington has long been a man I revere, a man I respect, and definitely a man who helped me during my time in charge of the NBA.  I think Paul (Tagliabue) would say the same.  I think we are both just returning the favor.”

Many speculated that the purpose of the beloved commissioner’s recent trip to Saint Lucia was all romance. However, today’s announcement reveals that the trip the warm, sunny island in paradise was actually a business trip.

“It was definitely business first,” said Thorington, but being the romantic man he is, he added, “but I found time for love…I love the TCFFL.”

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