TCFFL Week 6 Power Rankings: Who Cares?

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1. Jackie Paper Thin Skins

The champions. This sucks. Won’t lose another game.

2. Cincinnati Bowties

Great. Now these guys are runners-up. What a nightmare for the league

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.19.29 AM

Preview: Will and Rob face off in the 2014 Championship Game.

3. Blue Polaski’s Boys

Thin Skin in Groupme. Good jinxer. ROTY candidate. Brother will beat him for title on the field and in ROTY voting probably.

4. Italian Ice

Just quietly chugging along. Send a damn email.

5. Pacific Island Boys

Fleeced Jeff. Best roster in the league. But will get taken down by shocking strength of JPTS jinxes in the playoffs.

6. Aptos Sharks

Sure, why not? Won’t have the Curse on their side every week like they did against BIA, but they should be fine.

7. Ronald Weasels

Now that KA is over, maybe the contact Curse the Weasels been suffering won’t affect them. Third most points in the league, he’s 2-3. Why do we even play this stupid game?

8. Dumblethor’s Army

Three game losing streak is tough.

9. Showtime

Finally found some heart when their GM was out of the country. Coincidence? Also tough when the GM is out of the country and it makes zero impact on anything in the league. Fire Loynes?

10. TC Ticklers

Oof. What happened to these guys? Josh is a brat half the time.


Jeff made possibly the worst trade in league history. Then again, maybe he’ll win the title. It’s not like any of this shit makes sense or adheres to any kind of logic.

12. BIA


The Curse has shown its cards. It’s over. FML.

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