TCFFL Set for New Format in 2016

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In February, the 12 GMs of the TCFFL voted to adopt the auction/keeper format.  The original proposal was submitted by Commissioner Justin Thorington in an effort to revive excitement to a league that was becoming somewhat stale.

“The move was definitely necessary, and I thank the GMs of this league for voting for the future. Historically, this is exactly what this great league has done – accept and embrace innovative ways to make sure this league is always evolving and always exciting. The new format is really going to bring fun and excitement on draft day while also making the league relevant in the off-season” said Commissioner Thorington.

The talking point about off season relevancy was a key issue at the heart of the vote. “It can just get boring in the summers, or if your team is out of the playoff hunt early you almost have to go through the motions, but there really isn’t anything for you to do” said Blue Pulaski’s Boys’ GM Mike Lay. “Now we can trade players or auction money year-round, improve our teams for the future even when we are out of it that year.”

“The new format is definitely the most-fair fantasy format to draft a team.  Everyone has a shot at the players they want.  Our fates are no longer in the hands of randomly-drawn draft order” said Cincinnati Bow-Ties GM Will Kerridge, “and this is coming from a guy who gets a top-5 pick. I’m pumped.”

Of course, like any change, there will be detractors. Boobies in America GM Dennis Lazar has been at the forefront of opposition despite voting in favor of an auction draft. It’s hard to tell if he is rabble rousing, has a short memory, or is actually opposed to the entire switch, but when asked about his vote in favor of the auction he declined to comment.

Perennial Runner-Up Rob Lay (Jackie Paper Thin Skins) says he is not looking forward to the extra work that comes with the format.  “I’ll now have to pay attention the entire time and actually have some sort of strategy and research.  I can’t just pick best available.”

But despite some of the negativity, the overall vibe is very positive.

“Our Commissioner has always been forward-thinking.  It is inspiring. We can’t wait to play in the season next season and every season” rambled SHOWTIME GM Nick Loynes.

The 2016 season kicks off on September 3rd as the league gets set to debut the auction draft at 9:00 PM.


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