Thorington’s Cabinet Release Replacement Shortlist

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Commissioner Justin Thorington have announced the shortlist of candidates to replace TCFFL co-founder/golden-boy turned turncoat Jeff Spencer.  Spencer, who became the first person to quit the league since its founding, stepped aside after the league emphatically voted to move to an auction/keeper format.

The cabinet, made up of Co-Commissioner Jason Anderson, Participation Czar Will Kerridge, and Tech Czar Tome Aprik, narrowed down a list of 50 candidates to 3:



Ben Berger – Odds: 2-to-1

Strengths: fantasy knowledge, no children, huge participator

Weaknesses: Sparty, snake-like tendancies

Take home: Berger is a name that has always floated around the fringes of the league.  His addition to the league would not only strengthen the talent-base of the already touted league, but he would also drive an up-tick in participation.


Joe Kerridge – Odds: 10-to-1

Strengths: inside NFL juice, shit talker, would not take league for granted

Weaknesses: fame (think DB), busy schedule, could you imagine the Kerridge bros teaming up against you?

Take home: Joe’s name has also been one of the first names listed as a potential GM.  There’s no doubt he’d bring some much needed toughness.  The only thing holding him back is thought of trying to pull of a trade with the Kerridge-bias doubled against you.


Klobo – Odds 50-to-1

Strengths: ???

Weakness: Sparty-irrationality, snakness, everything else

Take home: Klobo has always been used as a threat to replace anyone.  He would not be a welcomed addition at this point.

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