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Week 5 Power Rankings: RCMB Edition

October 5, 2016


1. Ronald Weasels When confidence is high – and you’re laughing at your rivals 2. Cincinnati Bowties When everything is going your way so much, you start thinking anything is possible 3. Italian Ice When you don’t talk much, but you always make an impact when you do 4. Blue Polaski’s Boys When your 4-word […]

The 2016 State of the TCFFL Poll

August 26, 2016


THE 2016 STATE OF THE TCFFL SHOWS A POLARIZED LEAGUE TRYING TO SURVIVE IN THE FACE OF CHANGE The votes are in (10 of 12, anyway) and the 2016 State of the TCFFL results have been calculated. The poll, designed by New York University Polling, shows that the league is more divided than ever and […]

“I’m Coming Home” by Jeff Spencer

August 21, 2016


JEFF SPENCER (AS TOLD TO Dennis Lazar) August 21st, 2016 Before anyone ever cared about anything I did, I was a part of the TCFFL. It’s where I walked. It’s where I ran. It’s where I cried. It’s where I bled. It holds a special place in my heart. People there have seen me grow […]

Podcast: Notes From The Front Lines Episode 1

August 16, 2016


with very special guest, former TCFFL GM Jeff Spencer

“It’s like a ‘Who-Dun-It’ mystery novel with a twist ending: We didn’t realize who the bad guy was the whole time.”

September 23, 2015


Inside the rise and fall of Commissioner JG Thorington The Lay Report At 6:32 on September 23rd, 2015, millionaire GM and former forensic consultant Rob Lay released his headline grabbing report on GroupMe participation within the TCFFL since 2013. The “Lay Report”, as the media has taken to calling it, was notable for a number […]

Week 9 Power Rankings: Press Conference Edition

October 28, 2014


As the playoff race heats up in the TCFFL, so too does the media spotlight. With that in mind, for the Week 8 Power Rankings, we travel through the Midwest to check in on each team’s Tuesday Morning Press Conference. 1. Jackie Paper Thin Skins Q: Despite your team cruising through the season on its […]

BenchGate: The Controversy That Could Take Down The Commish

October 21, 2014


Who knew what and when? Was Tom Aprik really capable of spearheading something this devious and complex on his own? Was Nick “Nonsense” Loynes the perfect victim? Why aren’t Tom and JG speaking up to defend themselves? Is Dylan the lone voice or truth – or is he just trying to stir the pot? Will […]

Week 7 Power Rankings: Fear Edition

October 15, 2014


This week in the TCFFL there has been a lot of talk about victims and their abusers. Certain GM’s have been so ruthlessly attacked, for so long, that they have tried to exit from the league in attempt to save what’s left of their fragile psyche. On the other hand, certain abusers in the league, […]

TCFFL Week 6 Power Rankings: Who Cares?

October 7, 2014


1. Jackie Paper Thin Skins The champions. This sucks. Won’t lose another game. 2. Cincinnati Bowties Great. Now these guys are runners-up. What a nightmare for the league 3. Blue Polaski’s Boys Thin Skin in Groupme. Good jinxer. ROTY candidate. Brother will beat him for title on the field and in ROTY voting probably. 4. […]

Week 5 Power Rankings: TCFFL Mailbag Edition

October 2, 2014


What a week. From a meltdown that produced our first “I quit my alliance” email of the season – to a team establishing themselves as possibly the biggest guts-beaters we’ve ever seen, there was only one way to really capture the action-packed week that was. And so, we’re opening up the mailbag. 1a. Blue Polaski’s […]